Sunday, 6 May 2012

Porringer or Bleeding Bowl Handle

To break up the rather dowdy browns and buff colours of the pots and storage jars, here’s a delftware handle of a porringer or possibly a blood bowl.  I had  to look up  ‘porringer’. It is, as it sounds, a bowl for porridge or other sloppy food you’d eat with a spoon. They had single handles and were often used for heating food. 
Delft Porringer or Bleeding Bowl Handle found Mudlarking on the Thames London 

Delft porringer or bleeding bowl,  1765 from Christie's


  1. Julia,
    Love reading your blog about mudlarking and your finds, and I just can't get over the fact that these pieces are so old! I would think they would have all been picked up years ago. Just fascinating to me that they are still being found!
    Happy Mudlarking!!

    1. Sherry, V pleased you are enjoying the blog, the age of these things still amazes me too + the fact I keep going back & keep finding more, yesterday found bits of 2 medieval floor tiles, medieval or Tudor pins & other bits and pieces. They'll appear on here soon. Do check out Moonflygirl, Tania makes the most amazing jewellery from the pottery shards she finds. Thanks for taking time to comment. Julia