Thursday, 25 July 2013

Another Midnight Mudlark

Sadly I've had to return to pretty much full time work, so very little time to mudlark and no time to blog, so I suspect posts will be far and few between. However  I did manage to meet up with London Mudlark last night, to catch the lowest Thames tide of the year. This time we weren't the only ones down there and there were several head torched mudlarkers, each stooped over their individual pool of light, you can just make them out dotted along the foreshore in this rather poor picture below. It will take a while for me to post my finds, but I expect London Mudlark will be posting hers soon and she found some delights, which you'll be able to see shortly here 

Midnight Mudlarking


  1. Good Job being done there I am envious I would love to join you but I dont think my wheelchair will get down there, HAVE A GOOD TIME

  2. Sorry to hear that work now has to take priority, my personal mudlarks are snatched around occasional meetings in London - though sadly the low tides rarely co-ordinate with start and finish times but I live in hope and enjoy the small things I occasionally pick up. Your blogs have given me a wonderful insite into London life and opened my eyes to new areas. I went to Whitby Abbey earlier in the year and they had a Bellarmine jar on display that had been dug up locally and thanks to you I knew all about it. Thanks for the last couple of years. Sarah

    1. Thanks Sarah, perhaps we'll bump into each other one of these days on the foreshore.Julia