Friday, 12 April 2013

Annular or banded ware 1770s-1840

You'd think it was pottery from the 1950s, with those bright parallel bands of colour, in fact its probably Georgian. There seems not to be a consensus in the pottery world about this stuff, the antiques dealers tend to describe it as mocha ware, the archaeologists as annular or banded ware. 
Mudlarking Finds Banded Ware Shards
I'm not altogether sure all the pieces I've found mudlarking above and below are in fact from banded slipware, but it's my best guess so far. 
Mudlarking Finds Annular or Banded Ware

Annual or banded ware, often not distinguished from Mochaware (Rufus Foshee Antiques) 
The earthenware base could have been pearlware, whiteware or creamware decorated with clay slips. The golden age of banded ware is characterised by vibrant, earthy colours. Colourants were added to watery clay, colbalt oxide for pale blues, copper oxides produced the olive greens, antimony and uranium yielded yellows and ochres, iron oxides resulted in tans and rusts, manganese was used for black and dark browns. Lead glaze amplified the earthiness of the colours. Apparently awareness of the toxicity of some of  these compounds resulted in several being phased out. So later banded ware produced in the 1850s tended to be duller using only blacks, blues, grey and whites. 
Older Banded Ware 1790-1800 (Woolhope Club) 

The more recent: 19th Century jug ( 

Annular ware was factory made, an early product of the industrial revolution and initially produced in Staffordshire. The products were mugs, jugs and bowls. Bands of slip were applied to the vessel as it was mounted horizontally onto a lathe. The introduction of engine turned lathes from the 1770s enabled a variety of geometric designs to be used, checks,dots, fluting, zigzags, chevrons, interrupted lines. 
Mudlarking Finds Checked Slipware 

Slipware Tankard 1800 (Martyn Edgell) 
Banding was often used with other decorative techniques such as the dentric seaweed patterns on mocha ware (covered in this earlier post) or marbleware. 
Mudlarking Finds Mocha ware shards
Mocha ware with slipware bands (Rufus Foshee Antiques) 
Banded ware was the cheapest pottery with colour around, unsurprisingly they were very popular and exported in large quantities to the States. In the 1830s they were referred to as 'Fancy ceramics' although potters referred to them as 'dipped'. 


  1. I just love hearing the history behind these pieces! and this pottery is really beautiful - especially liking that checkered pattern

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