Friday, 29 March 2013

Other Mudlarking Blogs

Work has consumed me for the last month, back to work full time and silly hours, so there has been little time for mudlarking, researching or writing, so this week I thought I'd promote three of my favourite mudlarking 'blogs' 


I was lucky enough to bump into Tania on one of my first mudlarking trips.  Now I'm not one for jewellery, but I make an exception for Tania's. She transforms pottery shards she finds along the Thames into the most beautiful ear rings, cuff links, bracelets and pendants.  With an astute eye she manages to choose just the right snippet of shard, slightly quirky and tantalising, always leaving you wondering what the larger pattern looked like and what once loved object they originated from. Click here for a link to  Tania's blog  and she sells her work here. I know some mudlarkers don't like the idea of people using the stuff they find for art, but I love the fact she produces beautiful things from  remnants of  our buried  grandmothers treasures, before they are washed away for ever. 

London Mudlark

Not strictly a blog, but a facebook 'page', I just love this site, it's a brilliant mix of the the things Lara finds mudlarking, tit bits about the Thames & London, good links and  she even recommends books! One of my favourites are her 'spot the find' photos. Photo by photo you slowly zoom in until her latest find is circled, it's great fun. You can find her site here, and click like to join. 

I've learnt a lot from her blog and she writes beautifully. I haven't yet met Lara down on the foreshore but hope I'll bump into her some day. 

Thames Mudlarking: Finds and Thoughts

Chafing dish 
This is Shane's blog, like me fairly new to mudlarking, I always enjoy seeing what he's found, he mudlarks in so many places along the Thames and always carefully documents where his latest finds come from.

I particularly like the flipcard view of his blog here, a good way to see all his finds and helpful when it comes to identifying yours. 

London Mudlarker

I thought I'd also mention my pinterest site. Created to bung pictures I come across during my internet trawling, as I try to figure out what I've picked up on my latest trip. It's also become a handy way to categorise my finds. 

Others might find it useful as a quick way of identifying what they've found. The link is here.


  1. Thank you, I just find mud larking so fascinating and the mysteries you solve.

  2. You are welcome Tony - you'll have to get yourself up to the Thames someday - not far from Margate!Julia

  3. I love what Tania does with her shards! What a great way to bring them back to life!
    Darn work and silly hours, especially when it takes you away from the important things, like mudlarking...!

  4. Hi, I just saw the post, thank you :-)